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At LykkeSmeden, we have since 1998 serviced the East Jutland contractors and farmers with quality machines

Martin Lykke

Quality and professionalism

At LykkeSmeden we have since 1998 serviced the East Jutland contractors and farmers with quality machines from New Holland. In addition, we specialize in brands such as Lemken, Giant, Joskin and He-Va.



We are very careful in our selection of products – we focus on quality rather than quantity! With this philosophy, we can guarantee you customers one of the very best products on the market, whether it is tractors, harvesters or construction machinery.

We want to be known for our professionalism – both in sales, service and spare parts. We make sure to be constantly updated and educated in all areas. And it benefits you when you have to buy new and used machines or use our repair shop, where we have skilled fitters who are not only specialists in our own main brands, but also other brands and colors!

We service all our customers and have a long tradition of long customer relationships.

Our customer list extends far beyond Øster Tørslev and the surrounding area.

We have combine harvesters in Eastern Europe and our service vehicles are occasionally seen on the roads in North Jutland and Sjælland – so in a way we are nationwide.

Gear and machines have always been the great passion for Martin Lykke, who is the owner of LykkeSmeden. This has resulted in an in-house production of a robust HD50 spreader, which is a very powerful rake that can, for example, manage to spread wet seed grass. In addition Lykke Smeden has a galvanized cart pull on the conscience and I wonder if in the future more exciting agricultural products will emerge from the forging garage.

We employ 16 skilled employees, each with their specialty in sales, service and spare parts.

We want to be known for our professionalism - both in sales, service and spare parts.





It all started back in 1992, when Martin Lykke VAT registered a joint small company with a good school friend, Niels Aage Nørager. The company name was Nima I/S. Back then, the main occupation was straw baling and netting machines for Christmas trees. In time, a pigsty was built, and it was the beginning for LykkeSmeden. Niels Aage bought the stable and the pigs and Martin’s share was used to buy a machine shop.

Thus, LykkeSmeden A/S came into being in August 1998, and was initially given an address at Dalbyovervej 7 in some smaller premises that had housed an old agricultural smithy. Martin Lykke, who was a trained agricultural machine mechanic, started up with one employee, but more hands were soon added.

In 2007, a thatched house was built on Dalbyovervej 40, and as the business got going, it was expanded several times. In time, Halmhuset became an office and repair shop and in 2011 LykkeSmeden was able to move home to Dalbyovervej 40, which is also the private address.

The development has continued and in 2020 the construction of a new machine hall for used machines started.

In 2021, LykkeSmeden A/S will employ a total of 17 employees, including Martin and his wife Pia. Over time, the turnover has increased to today round approx. DKK 100 million annually based on typical Danish machine trade.

In parallel with LykkeSmeden, we still have the companies that started it all – Nima I/S and Nima Halm ApS. Here we deal with the distribution, handling and sale of up to 25,000 tonnes of straw on an annual basis. Primarily sales to heating plants and own production of straw pellets for biogas plants and bedding.

LykkeSmeden is today a dealer of New Holland, Lemken, Giant and Joskin and also has its own production of rakes and trailers for straw wagons. Honda is also traded as well as many other of the products that customers demand.

LykkeSmeden A/S can be found today at Dalbyovervej 40 in Øster Tørslev by Gjerlev J.